“Do your little bit of good where you are; it’s those little bits of good put together that overwhelm the world.” -Desmond Tutu

At 911 Cell Phone Bank, they give new life to unwanted electronic devices. Since 2004 this non-profit networks with over 1500 law enforcement and victim services agencies to distribute over 100,000 emergency cell phones to vulnerable citizens in communities nationwide. Donate your old device today then share your story on SproutLaunch!

Need a good deed idea? Did you know you can donate old, unused cell phones or devices for emergency use?  

Use Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant to hear amazing stories of kindness and good deeds that are creating change in our communities!

RIP Medical Debt is a 501(c)3 charity that locates, buys and forgives medical debt in the USA. RIP is working to forgive $1 Billion Dollars in medical debt for Americans. Check them out by clicking on their logo below to learn more- a donation of $1 can pay of $100 of someone's medical debt!

I heard there is an organization helping people pay off medical debt, do you know who that is?

It only takes one person, and one act of kindness to inspire others and create change. 

Molly Whitfield


Anna Priday


 Board Member

Advocate for Addiction Studies & Research

Courtney Moran


 Board Member

Advocate for Cancer Research & Healthcare

Jody Lester


Board Member

Advocate for Early Childhood  Education


Crisis Text Line

Crisis Text Line is the free, 24/7 text line for people in crisis in the United States. The service is powered by volunteer Crisis Counselors who work remotely anywhere with a computer and secure internet connection.


Crisis Counselors answer texts from people in crisis, bringing them from a hot moment to a cool calm through active listening, collaborative problem solving, and safety planning.

Volunteers commit to 200 total hours, serving a recommended 4 hours/wk. to meet this requirement.


Crisis Counselors must be 18 or older and have a US Social Security Number. Training is absolutely free, but know that it costs the organization $1,008 to train someone! You can help bring that cost down by seeing training through to the end and serving the 200 volunteer hours.

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