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A stranger and I bought a family baby supplies and gave them cash outside a Walgreens store this am.


Joshua Barber


Oct 11, 2019

We had a staff member whose husband had just lost their job - school was back in session but teachers were not paid for 4 weeks - there were numerous bills to pay with a child - their father in law who was watching the baby was diagnosed with cancer so they had to find daycare - $10 in their checking account - the staff came together and collected $275 and $150 in gift cards!

Land O Lakes



Sep 30, 2018

I pulled up to a drive in window after waiting in line. When I received my food, the staff person told me that the person ahead of me had already paid for my food. I was really blessed with their kindness. I plan to pay it forward.




Sep 25, 2018

I baked cookies for my neighbor!




Sep 21, 2018

#LISTENTOOME Movement is a powerful Women's coalition chat is a Voice for millions and millions of women around the globe that can not stand up and be a Voice for themselves. #LISTENTOOME is Inspirational, it inspires, changes and impact millions and millions of women life's all across the

Grosse Pointe Farms



Jul 9, 2018

We got our oil changed at our local Super Lube last week late on a 96 degree day. There were only 2 technicians there so neither could leave to get any cold drinks, but they said they were dying for a Gatorade! When they were through with our car, my husband immediately drove to the closest convenience store, about a half mile away, and bought 4 large Gatorades in different flavors, and took them back to them. They were so surprised and thrilled. Little things can make such a big difference!




Jul 5, 2018

I have created a business card for my Random Acts of Kindness. My last act was at work (hospital), it was lunch time, and I was going into the cafeteria. There was a young boy standing alone, looking at the menu board. He asked if it was expensive to eat there. He looked like he hadn't slept either. I told him it was on me, and since I was sure he wasn't there alone, he could get whatever he wanted...I would pay for it, and to pass my card along to a family member.




Jun 17, 2018

I just witnessed an act of kindness by my Caregiver, Paula Grey Tyson.She dropped me at Safeway, Wednesday, June 6, 2018 (about 2:00 pm), for me to get a few items and when I came out my caregiver was screaming "She is trying to rob her, she is trying to rob her!". It happened a young woman was trying to snatch an old lady of her purse and at the screams of my caregiver the young woman got scared and ran off; in the meantime we called 911 with my cell phone. So thanks to my caregiver the little lady got saved from being robbed.




Jun 7, 2018

When I was very sick, three pre-school friends, still great friends, visited me every day for five months, bringing food, drinks, funny pictures and so many funny stories from our childhood teen days. It helped me get through the most difficult days of my life.




Jun 6, 2018

My aunt Just had surgery, her son and fiancé went to jail all in the same month she had to Be out of her house and had to clean the house top to bottom, and she lives in city away from all of the rest of her family and friends so she had absolutely no one in the city lives in. She didn’t have any help at all to move outand she can’t lift anything. So my fiancé and I traveled up north to help her move out and I cleaned her house top to bottom , scrubbed the walls , steamed cleaned the carpets . She was so grateful!




May 17, 2018


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